Field Placement, Day 1!

Well, not exactly Day 1, but it was my first FULL day in the classroom with my cooperating teacher (CT), really getting a feel for her style, the room, the school, other teachers, and the school’s professional community.

Last week I got to sit in on a couple of “Meet and Greets” my CT does with her incoming kindergarteners and their families. It’s an opportunity for her to do a short assessment and get a sense of the child while hearing from her family. It was so cool for me to see an assessment first hand and the interactions of an experienced teacher with a student/student’s family.

Today was mainly about getting the classroom prepped for the first day–I got to staple sheets of paper into journals, set up some supplies, decorate a bulletin board with students’ photos, etc. While doing these tasks I got to converse with my CT about her teaching experience and was fortunate enough to hear her talk about some of her methods and choices for how she sets up the classroom, how she assigns seats, and why she chooses certain kinds of writing utensils. I also sat in a large meeting of all the school’s teachers and staff. It was an interesting and informative experiences, especially because of all the specialized language being used and the conversations about the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) and other school/district changes.

Judging by how I felt when I left at the end of the day, I’m going to enjoy my placement, and my CT is going to be a great mentor!



  1. futureteachergetsschooled,

    Sounds like you had a great first day at your main placement! I’d love to hear more about your CT’s choices for how she sets up the classroom, how she assigns seats, and why she chooses certain kinds of writing utensils. What is your favorite thing about your CT’s teaching style? I think it must have been a wonderful experience meeting with students and their parents and conversing with them prior to the first day of class. I haven’t had a chance to converse much with my students’ parents yet so I am looking forward to attending some of the conferences that will be happening next week. I feel that communication with parents is one of the most important things. I strongly believe that teachers will learn how to serve their children better if they can first establish a relationship with their parents. Working with parents to meet child’s needs should be a priority. I feel that parents are our greatest advocates and they are capable of extending the school day by speaking with their children about education outside of school and using opportunities (like on the car ride home from soccer) to quiz and converse about what the child is learning in class. Would you agree?

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