Health and Fitness, Day 7–TPA

Today ended with some information about our Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA), which will be the deciding factor in whether Washington state certifies us or not. It’s encouraging, at least for me, to know that I’m being asked to meet a high standard and prove I can be a competent and successful teacher.

It also brings up a lot of concerns and questions since I want to get certified! It does worry me that a company known for its standardized tests is going to be judging my portfolio. I wonder if the judges will be capable of accurately analyzing my current abilities and my potential. I just think it would make more sense if actual, practicing Washington state teachers could see our TPAs and they make the final decision. I’m also concerned about the amount of support I will receive from the program in compiling my TPA. But I do have faith that we will be receiving explicit instruction in how to do everything the TPA asks of us and ample amount of practice and feedback opportunities.

As nervous as I am about “passing the test,” I feel really excited to get to work on preparing for it. It is supposed to make me a better, more prepared teacher, right?


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