Health and Fitness, Day 6–Microteaching

Well, today was the day. Our microteaching day.

It went…fine? I think. There were some parts that didn’t go exactly as planned, but I think we (my group and I) planned and scripted as much as we could but had to know that things weren’t going to go exactly the way we would want. For one thing, the classroom change was definitely a bit disorienting!

There are definitely some things I would change about my part of the project. My personal goal, as being the opener and introducing the lesson was to set the tone, to sort of get people into a mode of thinking about each other kindly and as a part of a team, a community. However, I didn’t think as much about making sure what I said connected to the larger picture of the actual lesson. And not having a visual, something to guide the students through my verbal explanation could also be a hindrance to their understanding. This is probably the main revision I’ll be making to our lesson plan.

On another note, handling the human brain was a totally new experience for me. I tend to be easily grossed out, but I have been making a conscious effort to become more comfortable with getting hands on with things that make me uncomfortable, especially so I can be a role model for my students. I don’t want young students to see my behavior and think it’s the appropriate way to act and let it get in the way of their hands-on learning experiences. The brain and heart were very good practice!


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