Health and Fitness, Day 5–Integrating Physical Activity

Friday’s class was quite the workout, I’m thinking I may need to incorporate jump roping into my workout routine! Other than learning this, I learned some new ways to integrate physical activity into curricular activities we consider stationary.

With my job at the YMCA, we were motivated to do exactly that because part of mission of the Y is to encourage health and fitness. I had some practice using physical activity in math and science, but it was awesome getting to learn how to do this from two young students and actually participate myself. The noodle tag game would be such a great way to illustrate or reinforce a lesson on the spreading of germs, and writing our own jump roping rhymes was not only fun and engaging, but also quite challenging–this is definitely something I will want to use as a teacher myself.

One of my greatest concerns as a pre-service teacher is how I will be able to enact health equity. Incorporating physical activity into the curriculum would be a fantastic way to get my students moving, even if they might not do a lot of physical activity outside of school. It would be a great way to encourage them to pursue exercise as something fun, especially for the students, who much like me, thought sports and fitness were out of their comfort zone.


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